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/International / Grants and scholarships / Travel thrills thanks to Leonardo Scholarships.

Travel thrills thanks to Leonardo Scholarships.



Seven graduates of the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Burgos are going to live a personal and professional experience as holders of the Leonardo da Vinci scholarships granted by the European Commission and run by the National Agency OAPEE.

The scholarships objectives range from improving the linguistic skills and learning about the culture of the host country to receiving some training which will help them to develop certain competences so that they could expand their professional training and enter the labour market.

From the third week of February, one Graduate in Fashion Design and two Technicians in Arts Applied to Wood and Gilding and Polychrome are going to Portugal and Italy respectively for thirteen weeks. They will expand their professional knowledge and their training at the schools they are attending during their stay there taking, among other activities, engraving, illustration, set design and several painting techniques.

Likewise, at the beginning of March, three Technicians in Arts Applied to Wood and one Graduate in Fashion are attending a school in Finland to do, mainly, mouth-blown glass, textiles, product design and furniture restoration.

All of them, carrying their CV and portfolio beneath their arm, are ready to take advantage of this opportunity, once their scholarship period is over, to look for internships to continue their professional training or to get a job.

Have a good trip and best of luck!!!!!


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