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/News / Visiting Albania with Erasmus+

Visiting Albania with Erasmus+


Ana María de Obesso Grijalvo and Marina Hernández Sánchez, teachers of the School of Art in Burgos, carried out a staff teaching mobility at the Faculty of Arts inTirana, Albania from March 4th to 8th 2019.The mobility was part of the Cartes Consortium project, of which the School is a member, and funded under Erasmus+ programme.


They participated along with six other teachers from six other different public and private Spanish educational institutions, also members of Cartes Consortium:

  • Escuela de Arte la Palma (Madrid)
  • Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño (VIC) .
  • Real Conservatorio Superior de música “Victoria Eugenia” (Granada).
  • IES Puerta Bonita (Madrid).
  • Campus FP (Madrid).


At the Faculty of Arts in Tirana, fine arts students work together with students of other specialties: Ceramic, Sculpture, Graphic and Fashion Design, as well as  Scenic and Music students. During our stay there, we could verify how all the studies are integrated under the same motto: “We create artists”.


The studies last three years and after completed, the students can take a master or specialization degree lasting two more years. The different specialties have several subjects in common: painting, drawing or engraving, which help the students to broaden their minds. In the master degree, they can deepen their knowledge on some of the fields or techniques previously studied or learned.


Professors teach the traditional techniques of each specialty, combining this practice with an individual follow-up of each student and their projects. In Fashion Design, where our teaching was taught, they function as an atelier, where the Project teachers coordinate the different specialists: silkscreen, looming, pattern and clothing making technicians. All this learning process takes place in the same space: a classroom workshop.


Tirana is an eccletic city full of contrasts. The folKloric tradition is still present in its society. The first day we could attend a living spectacle called “Diasporas” and contemplate several of the traditional dances from Albania and border countries.


Visiting the city, we discovered a great cultural fusion where different languages, religions and cooking traditions live together. You can visit mosques, orthodox and catholic churches, as well as enjoy Italian, Turkish and Greek gastronomy.


To export: besides learning, the serenity and hospitality oozed by the Tiranian people.


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