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‘Aires del Sur’ is a collection of bathing suits inspired corseteros flamenco and Spanish tradition, traditional costumes and canasteros. Inspired by art that integrates the Andalusian dance, song and guitar music.
Consisting of 15 looks; 9 swimwear bikinis and 6 filled with bold prints, cuts combined with floral polka dots (lilies, carnations and roses, Andalusian representative flowers).

‘Aires del Sur’ unifies two opposite branches such as swimwear and flamenco, fusing flamenco motifs such as joy, colorful, elegance, temperament and strength resulting in a sensual, feminine, modern and stylish collection with clean lines sculpt the body by enhancing the best of each woman, bringing movement and volume with the use of flyers, and a large colorful polka dots.


‘AIRES DEL SUR’ – Davinia Encabo from EASD Burgos on Vimeo


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