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“yo, mi, me, conmigo”


I have related the concept of monstrosity with eating disorders, specifically binge eating disorder and its consequences. I have checked in first person that this disease makes a person stop being as such, it dehumanize yourself slowly, it consume you and you do not realize until almost hit rock bottom.
I will analyze the three main phases that I’ve been trought until fix the problem by focusing on the feelings and moods of each moment, how I went from being a “normal” girl to “being dehumanized” and finally to get my life and smile back.
The main element of the fabric will be the stretch marks as they appear in the first phase (red) and endure to the end (white). Stretch marks are the “wounds of war”.
With sleeves the process of history will be reflected. This is because the arms and hands are paramount in eating disorders because with them you grab the food and you take it to the mouth.
The three looks are composed of dresses. For me it has always been a garment that I wanted to wear and, after several years without getting one, I finally got it.
To end, the collection will be named “yo, mi, me, conmigo”. The election of the name is given because when you decide to take such an important step in life, you do it for yourself.


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