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/The School / Introduction



La Escuela EASD Burgos


The College of Design and School of Art of Burgos and C.R.B.C. was founded in 1973. It is a public centre dependent on the Castilla y León Government offering regulated studies in the area of art education in Plastic Arts and Design.

The values we pursue and those we believe in are centred on four pillars.

To create a learning environment resembling the realities of the labourmarket.

We seek to develop an approach to content, skills and methodologies which is both comprehensive and upto-date. This is achieved by providing quality training and guaranteeing the qualifications of future plastic arts and design professionals in line with the social, productive and cultural environment.

Our teachings have a professional nature and we take a special interest in integrating academic activities with those which guarantee direct contact with the realities of the labour market through working and collaborating with various institutions, companies and associations in our national and international environment.

To develop creativity and innovation.

We strive to create a working atmosphere which encourages participants and endows autonomy and self-confidence.

We think that both creativity and innovation are two of the most powerful driving forces of a society’s development which, enhanced with artisan techniques, give us a differentiating value which we must promote and communicate.

To consolidate a work ethic.

We value working as an individual as well as in a team among students, lecturers and market experts which generates a proactive, continuous and combined learning process.

We opt for a methodology which helps to give a global and comprehensive view of the teachings. This principle has an essentially practical character where the project is key to the whole learning process.We consider it important to develop initiatives which involve contact with our environment and sharing knowledge with it: project exhibitions, cycles of conferences, workshops, visits to exhibitions, cultural tours, etc.

To respect and tolerate.

We want life in our School to be characterised by a respectful, friendly and equal environment which creates a climate of trust and allows its members to express themselves freely. We firmly believe that our School is a place where we can work, learn and live.


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