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/Libraries and Civic Centres

Libraries and Civic Centres


Civic Centres

Civic centres are nearby municipal facilities which drive the integral development of the person, invigorate the nearby environment, promote coexistence and encourage citizen participation. Its services include exhibition halls to promote art and culture, libraries, use of computer classrooms and biannual pilates or dance programmes, watercolour, mosaic, and sewing workshops, etc.

Registration process:

• It is mandatory to be registered in Burgos (processed free in the Burgos City Hall)
• Processing of card: application form + two photos or colour copies.
• For biannual programmes: register during the period determined in the training offer. If it isn’t possible, there is a second selection process according to the number renounced.

The Libraries


Library Civic Centre “Gamonal Norte”
C/ José María Codón, 2. 09007 Burgos.

Library Civic Centre “San Agustin”
Parque de San Agustín. 09001 Burgos.

Library Civic Centre “Capiscol”
C/ Fundación Sonsoles Ballvé, 1. 09007 Burgos.

Library Civic Centre “Vista Alegre”
C/ Victoria Balfé, s/n. 09006 Burgos.

Library Civic Centre “Huelgas el Pilar”
C/ Gumiel de Izán, s/n. 09001 Burgos.

Library Civic Centre “Río Vena”
C/ Juan de Padilla, s/n. 09006 Burgos.

Burgos public library
Plaza San Juan, s/n. 09004 Burgos.

Library “Gonzalo de Berceo”
C/ Pedro Alfaro, s/n. 09007 Burgos.

Library “Teatro Principal”
Paseo del Espolón s/n 4ª planta. 09003 Burgos.

Library “María Teresa de León”
Plaza Sierra Nevada, 6. 09007 Burgos.

Library “Miguel de Cervantes”
C/ Serramagna, 10. 09003 Burgos.

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