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/Sports and healthy lifestyle

Sports and healthy lifestyle


The characteristics of the Municipal Sports Facilities, covering all possible ranges of specialities, are of a popular, educational, cultural and welfare nature.

Abono Deportivo (Sports payment card)

The Abono Deportivo is a way to access the various facilities and sports activities of the Municipal Sports Service (swimming pools, gyms and athletics tracks).

Registration process for the payment of municipal pools and gyms:

  • Fill out a form
  • Give complete bank account number (IBAN)
  • 1 photo or colour copy

It must be paid for the whole year, even when the facilities are only to be used for a semester.

Our province has great natural wealth and its proof is in the numerous trails for hiking, mountaineering and cycling.

Here we suggest some of the best known:

Desfiladero del Purón (Purón Gorge)

Parque Natural de Valderejo (Burgos).

Peña Amaya

Comarca de las Loras (Burgos).

Santo Domingo de Silos and the Yecla Gorge

Parque Natural de la Yecla (Burgos).
PRC-BU 40: path between gorges

Ojo Guareña (Burgos).

Lobos River Canyon Route
Parque Natural del Cañón del Río Lobos (Burgos).

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