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BICIBUR (Local bicycle hire service)
Operates 24 hours per day and can be used for 2 hours by registered or non-registered resident and for 3 hours by tourists.
Who can request it?
Non-registered residents who reside, study, work and/or live periodically in Burgos.
Long-duration tourists.
Where can it be requested?
Plaza de España s/n
Bajos del Mercado Norte
+34 947 288 800 (ext. 8571)
In case of incidents
+34 627 205 048 or +34 947 206 199

The BONOBUR transport card (bus + Burgos City Hall Bicycle Rental Service) allows you to access all the bus routes easily, quickly, effectively and cheaply.
It can be obtained in a wide network of shops distributed throughout the city.
You can recharge your card at any of the participating establishments.
You must validate your BONOBUR card each time you use the bus.
Regular coach routes
The Coach Station in Burgos is located centrally in the southern part of the city and next to the Santa Maria bridge and the Museo de la Evolución Humana.
The station has two entrances: the main is on the
C/ Miranda, and the the other at the back of
C/ Aranda de Duero, where the coaches access the station. It has a bar-cafeteria, left-luggage, kiosk, waiting room and counters for ticket sales.

+34 947 288 855


Coach Station, Bus Station, Airport, Hospital.
At the end of the journey you should pay in cash. You can request a receipt or invoice which must contain: the price of journey, the origin and destination, the date, the tax identification number of the licence holder, the licence number and vehicle registration.

Radio Taxi:

+34 947 277 777
+34 947 481 010
People with reduced mobility
Burgos has an adapted vehicle taxi service which offers the same service as any other taxi; it operates with a meter and must apply the same tariffs.
You can also find them at a rank or hail them on the street, but usually this kind of service is requested in advance by phone at the controller’s office, in particular through the Asociación de Abutaxi.
+34 947 277 777


The authorised tariffs and supplements are obligatory for licence holders, drivers and users of the service.
The tariffs are visible to the user from inside the vehicle.
They also contain the supplements to be applied to certain services for journeys during the week of local holidays in the evening.
The amount payable is the amount shown on the meter (based on a fixed initial rate, distance and journey time) plus the supplements corresponding to bulky items and suitcases.
The meter will start counting when you and your luggage are in the taxi, except for the services contracted by phone, in which case the meter will begin counting from the place of departure or stop corresponding to the service.

Burgos – Rosa de Lima (RENFE)
The station is located to the north of the city, on Avenida Principe de Asturias, near the neighbourhoods of Villimar and the G-3, 5km away from the old town.
The addresses are:
1 – Avenida Príncipe de Asturias s/n
2 – Plaza de la Estación, s/n
+34 902 240 202
National information: +34 902 220 404
International information: +34 902 243 402
Travellers with disabilities: +34 902 240 505
Links to the city:
Taxi: Taxi rank by the main door of the Station.
Bicycle: Bicycle stands by the main door of the Station.
Bicibur (Local bicycle hire service): Next to the main door of the Station.
Car: Free parking.
Car hire: Atesa: Rosa de Lima Train Station,
+34 947 201 836

Location of the airport
The airport is between three main roads: the N-1 to the north, the A-1 to the west and the N-120 to the south.
It connects with the N-120 at kilometre point 107. At this point there is a roundabout in which one of its exits is the access road to the airport leading to the front of the terminal building.
Links to the city:
Bus: Bus stop at the airport door, Plaza España – Airport.
Taxi: Taxi rank by the main door of the Airport.
By Car: Free parking for 188 vehicles.
Other Airports nearby
Valladolid – 135 Km
Bilbao – 176 Km
Santander – 180 Km
Madrid – 231 Km

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