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/International / Erasmus+ / Erasmus in Lodz, Poland

Erasmus in Lodz, Poland


Erasmus in Lodz, Vudz, ¿ How is it pronounced?

It’s been already two months since I arrived in this city with an unpronounceable name and currently the balance it’s quite positive. Lodz is the third largest city in Poland but it would be imposible to find a city like this in Spain. We can’t say it’s a touristic city but a real proof of how Poland is as a country. In the past, the economy of the city was focused in the textile industry and nowadays Lodz is known for its university life and the offer of many cultural activities.

Living in Lodz includes to walk up and down Piotrkowska street, one of the longest commercial boulevards in Europe (about 5 km), for hanging out with friends, having a coffee or shopping at second-hand clothes shops. Mainly Lodz is a city with a specific aspect, very industrial and depending on the areas quite neglected, as rooted in the past.

I’ve also had the chance of travelling to other close cities as Wroclav and Krakov, both defined by an European spirit, the large amount of churches and the touristic activity.

Regarding the weather… yes, Poland it’s a cold city, but it gets better from February and also if we compare it to Burgos it’s kind of the same; as long as you are provided with a warm coat, gloves ,a scarf and suitable footwear, you are fine. Because it rains and snows even in April.

The Akademia is different from our school. The artistic environment is on each corridor. As a Faculty of Fine Arts there are many different disciplines and the facilities are amazing. From my Fashion Design student’s point of view it’s really cool the fact of having some different rooms for exihibitions of the projects, posters of the student’s proyects hanged as samples in the corridors and also a big permanent space ready for catwalks. The library also deserves special mention because of the large amount of English fashion books and magazines that you can find in it. Also the methodology here is very different and we could choose from any studio or workshop in the Akademy.

From my point of view I think it’s important to highlight the lower economic level compared to Spain, so life here is cheaper.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about having an Erasmus experience to do so. Meanly regarding the academic matters since you will learn different ways of working and subjects that couldn’t be done at our school. And also regarding the personal experience of getting to know different cultures, perspectives and many people from all around Europe.


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