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/News / First Visit- Croatia – October 2019

First Visit- Croatia – October 2019


From 20 to 26 October some EASD students have had the opportunity of travelling to Croatia.

Socializing and tourism?

Yes, a little bit… of course we met some foreign students and profited travelling abroad. Nevertheless, it was far much more: Some hours spent in Germany at Frankfurt during a stopover allowed us to take a first knowledge of a modern designed city combined with its old emblematic gothic buildings.

We arrived in the warmly welcoming city of Zagreb, where we met some Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian and Croatian students. Perched at the windows of the picturesque youth hostel we could see the tree dotted city with its medium rise buildings.

There we could visit the tallest building in Croatia, which is depicted in the croatian 1000 kuna banknotes. As you have already guessed it is Zagreb’s Cathedral. Built in 1093 and destroyed by mongols in 1242. It was rebuilt from 1263 to 1287. Its spires are considered to be as Zagreb landmarks as they are visible from almost anywhere in the city.

To our astonishment we attended the opera rehearsal of Madame Butterfly at the Croatian National Theatre! Compelling and moving both the music and the Baroque premises made it the most thrilling experience you can dream of.

We also spent some time at the Tesla Birthplace Museum where we saw some of his projects on magnetism and electricity.

Do you think this could not be overcome? I thought it could not but to my deepest amazement we were shown to the zadar sea organ! This is an architectural experimental art instrument which plays music by way of sea waves and wind. It is located underneath marble steps which rends the experience unique.

Not too surprised? Then, what about some heading-edge cooking? Unbelievably or not, we had the chance to meet the Croatia Master Chef winner to participate in a traditional dish cooking experience.

Given a diploma for participation and sadly enough as time had so quickly passed by, we returned home.

A final tip for anyone having the chance to apply for this Erasmus Grant: Grasp the opportunity and enjoy it, as it is a lifetime experience, be sure.



Raquel Alonso de Román, 2º Bach B


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