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/International / Erasmus+ 14|20 / Vda Vilnius Academy of Arts. Lithuania.

Vda Vilnius Academy of Arts. Lithuania.


After having enjoyed a five day stay and developed this project in the Lithuanian capital, it is about time to draw conclusions of the experience lived and its  possible applications to the studies of  the School in Burgos

First of all, I must say that this academy has a wide range of specialties, from the usual ones in the field of Fine Arts (sculpture, painting, printing, etc…) to others like video and photography, contemporary art, and TEXTILE ART . Of course, design is also considered by this historical institution and, in a separate and modern building, the four designs (fashion, product, graphic and interior) share space and experiences.

I would like to highlight the specialty in Textil Art that offers the students of other fields, such as sculpture and fashion design, the possibility to expand their knowledge by experimenting with the textile materials without taking into account the funcionality of their creations. This is made possible by the interdisciplinary nature of VDA studies, that allows students to use the laboratories and workshops of different fields or disciplines.

In general, the young inhabitants of this city have enough English skills to make the visitor’s experience easier. In addition, Vilnius offers a varied range of cultural activities which will enthrall future incoming teachers or students.

Lithuania has a normal standard of living, similar to the Spanish one. The cold weather of this country is widely known, but this should not be a drawback for Burgos citizens, used to cold climate.

In conclusion, and regarding the experience, the main attraction of this Academy for possible future Spanish Erasmus students who wish to begin their experience in this center, lies in the possibility to connect disciplines and experiment with textile materials.

José Luis Pinto


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