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/International / Erasmus+ / Second visit: Burgos “Connecting through heritage: from past to future”

Second visit: Burgos “Connecting through heritage: from past to future”


A week of Erasmus+


Tuesday, November 2

First thing in the morning and students from Portugal, Italy, Croatia and Bulgaria join the institute where some students from the School of Art eagerly await their arrival to introduce them to Spanish culture, art and gastronomy.

After welcoming them, first-year students offered them a dictionary with basic words translated into their different languages. They then continued to give them a tour of the school starting with the first floor where the different modules and some drawing rooms were located and then they went up to the second floor showing them the classrooms of the first and second year of high school and the different departments.

Once the tour was over, they returned to the auditorium and a group of students exhibited a video about Spanish culture. Afterwards, the Portuguese presented an exhibition about their vision of Spain and after all, some students came to talk and get to know each other a little with all the new students.

After a while they left the school and discovered the city a bit as they walked. Their first stop was the Monastery of Las Huelgas where the students who accompanied them from the school were explaining to them a little about what this construction was about, when everything was finished there and walking a while more they arrived at the Santamaria arch and passing underneath they arrived at the cathedral where they stayed for a while in the square before going up to the CAB, the art center of Burgos where they stopped to explain a little what it consisted of and what it was used for.

They went up to the Mirador de Burgos where you could see the whole city, although the weather was not the most indicated since later it started to rain, but before going down they made a visit to the castle where a guide showed them and explained the most important parts from the castle.

We spent the afternoon where they had a guided tour inside the cathedral where they entered all the different rooms with an explanation in each one, at the end of the visit they were able to buy a souvenir in the souvenir shop and to finish they were left in the company of the students who had come to the cathedral as reporters to spend an afternoon with them before dinner.

Wednesday, November 3

We started a new day and to begin they had a visit to the MEH (Museum of Human Evolution) where they were accompanied by a guide who was explaining and teaching them the different parts of the museum starting with the ground floor where there was a small introduction (its history, identification, location …) and then they were guided to the different most relevant points of the museum.

Starting with the most important sites of the time and then a visit to a dark room where you could see human bones or skulls.

They exposed a real human brain coupled with the interpretation of a much larger one next to it.

Finishing the tour before finishing they carried out an activity related to the bones that was to recreate the human body by placing the bones in the corresponding place.

Back to school for lunch, our Philosophy or Psychology teacher organized a paella for them to taste some of our Spanish cuisine.

In the afternoon there was nothing planned but the first-year students organized a soccer game against those who wanted to play and have a fun time. It was not mandatory since some of the other students were in different places such as at the bowling alley playing billiards or others just having a drink in the odd bar to get to know them better.

Thursday, November 4

On this day they begin knowing a traditional dance of Spain called the sevillanas, which with a professional called Marta of this type of dance has been much easier to explain.

At the beginning, I take out three volunteers so that they can become a little familiar with this type of dance (I take the opportunity to add that all three did it great)

Having already a little the steps, two first-year students went out to dance and demonstrate a little how is the execution of the dance where Marta joined and then did several types of dance with different clothes such as the Cordovan hat or with a shawl .

After the dance class, the dancers left two of the typical costumes of the Sevillanas that the students were putting on.

Immediately after finishing all this they had a Spanish tapas activity, where it was done as a “snack” with different food from different countries.

Later the second year students went out to explain to them how to make some typical Spanish tapas, and they brought out the odd volunteer to try them too. Already after having eaten some students from Croatia and Bulgaria they presented some presentations about their gastronomy to inform us a bit as well and some presentations with the ideas that they had from Spain.

Friday, November 5

The students have to move again and this time to Madrid taking a bus at eight thirty in the morning and following their route to Madrid they made a stop in Segovia to contemplate the famous aqueduct already built 2000 years ago.

Once they started back towards their destination after an hour they arrived in Madrid where, when they got off the bus, second year high school students explained the route they were going to do and the monuments they were going to visit.

They spent the whole day visiting and following the planned route and already at seven, seven thirty where they started the route back to Burgos.

Saturday, November 6

We can say that this adventure is coming to an end since this would be their last day in Burgos and we had to take advantage of it, so we made them a treasure hunt that consisted of some guidelines that the second year center students would help solve them. Four groups were made where there was a captain in each one and the group that reached the last place on the guidelines first won.

After an hour we all meet in the same place that was the CAB and then go up to the viewpoint for a group photo as a souvenir.

At twelve o’clock we went on a guided tour of the town hall and I think we all discovered a little more about the history of Spain and we met two of the councilors of Burgos to whom the Portuguese gave them a drawing representing Don Quixote, but in the photo cannot be appreciated very well. At the end we went to the theater so that they could explain more information about him and the activities of the day ended, but there is still the afternoon.

Where we all get together to have a drink and say goodbye to them properly, here I add my opinion and I think many more will share it and I hope they have had a great time with everything they have done.


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